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Truehawk Media

Truehawk Media are the innovative and trustworthy solution for media intelligence. With our years of experience, operational expertise and a peerless wealth of knowledge of what matters to the Irish market, our service empowers clients to make the right decisions.

Our dedicated team has a proven track record of delivering accurate, reliable, timely and consistent media monitoring content and media analysis. We have an integrated client platform that combines print, online, broadcast and social media in an effective manner and serves our clients with unrivalled information and insights.

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Derek Finnegan

Derek is the CEO and co-founder of Truehawk Media. He has many years’ experience in the media intelligence industry and was involved in the setup of MediaMarket in 2002. MediaMarket were the first company to offer media monitoring digitally in Ireland and they revolutionised the market. The company was acquired by WPP and rebranded as Kantar Media. Derek worked as Operations Director in Ireland and at European level until 2016.

Peter Fyffe-McFadden

Peter Fyffe McFadden is the Executive Director and co-founder of Truehawk Media. He is experienced in the media intelligence industry having been the Regional Director when MediaMarket set up their Belfast office in 2007. He became managing director of NIMMS in 2016 who provide a full media monitoring service for Northern Ireland.