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Truehawk Media is Ireland's expert media intelligence provider, delivering reliable media monitoring and analysis reports to a diverse range of customers. Our client-centric approach ensures that users enjoy an innovative, trustworthy and accurate service that meets their needs, every day.

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Do you have high demands for media monitoring, place a strong emphasis on quality instead of quantity, and want a sustainable solution that fits with your communications strategy? Then we are the right partner for you. Through our NRX® portal, Truehawk Media has access to 1.5 million sources worldwide, which we use alongside our intelligent technologies and our many years of expertise to evaluate your content and prepare the results.

There is no benefit to monitoring that is incomplete or contains information that is irrelevant to you. What counts is that you receive the most vital information at the right time, in a clear form that is geared to your mobile needs. This saves you time and gives you the information you require to actively control your communications strategy.

About Us

Why Truehawk Media?

With Truehawk Media, intelligent media observation is at your fingertips. This includes all the relevant media sources combined with meaningful search parameters, the right technology and a high degree of knowledge and experience.


Our Range

  • Competence you can rely on: state-of-the-art technology combined with the long-term expertise and the industry knowledge of our employees
  • Media feed tailored to meet your needs
  • Clear search parameters
  • Attentive and caring client services
  • Numerous national and international media sources

Thanks to the latest crawler technology and the integration into a strong global partner network, we have access to a wide range of national and international media that we collect and evaluate for you.


What we can do

  • Content from 1.5 million national and international media sources
  • Multi source monitoring (print, online, social media, TV & radio)
  • International service and partner network
  • Individuality takes precedence

Next-generation information management

Data and knowledge, combined with digital networking, are some of key factors for entrepreneurial success. A promising idea can move entire industries and change them. With the premium portal solution NRX®, we simplify the overview, allow networking between the medium, the influencer and the content, and integrate all data that is relevant to you.