Media Monitoring

Print Monitoring

A comprehensive list of national, regional and magazine titles. Full repertoire of titles for the all-island Irish market. Specialist titles can be added upon request.

Broadcast Monitoring

We offer national TV and national and regional radio stations. We utilise state-of-the-art technology to monitor closed caption TV content and voice-to-text radio content to monitor your requirements.

Online Monitoring

We cover an extensive list of Irish online content. Additional sites can be added upon request.

Social Media Monitoring

Measuring the success of social media activity is part of a holistic marketing and communications strategy. Our social media monitoring serves as an important seismograph for thematic motions, trends, opinions and possible crises. The NRX® portal is a vital tool for crisis management. We integrate the results into your media alert and provide it to you via the NRX® portal.


NRX®: always listening across all media channels…

Professional information management means making the most of synergies. This is what NRX® portal provides - the core of our monitoring and analysis offer. NRX® bundles all the results from your print, online, TV, radio and social media monitoring and provides you with a cross-media overview. This allows you to monitor your media resonance at any time, classify it and use the results for your day-to-day business.

This is what NRX® does for your monitoring:

  • Cross-media overview for your entire content set
  • Multiple search and filter functions
  • Social sharing features
  • Data archive and document management
  • Up-to-date media resonance analysis, including graphical data processing as well as a code tool for your professional communication control.

Influencer Management Approach with NRX®

How to reach target groups away from traditional advertising and marketing channels is becoming increasingly important. A path leads through influencers, those leaders who have a high reputation and reach in the respective target group.

NRX® helps you to recognise the opinion leaders across the media and to get an accurate picture of the person, their interests and their topics. These are important prerequisites to make contact, build a relationship and convince influencers of your product. This opens new possibilities for your content and media management, as well as networking, interaction and distribution.

Added value of NRX® for your influencer management:

  • Identify those who are relevant to your communication, brand and topic.
  • Possibility to filter influencers according to efficiency and relevance.
  • Cross-media linking all data from publicly used media sources (print, online, social media).
  • Overview of the contributions, the topics, the sentiment and important key figures on influence, relevance and range (relevance scores).
  • All results are available 24/7 via your online portal NRX®.

Media Analysis

From your media observation, we collect all relevant quantitative data for you. Of course, article and contribution data are linked to our complete media database, so that you can, at any time, have the option of evaluating according to different criteria.

For example:

  • Advertising Value Equivalents (AVE)
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Media Impact Value (MIV)
  • Corporate Reputation Index (CRI)
  • Media Performance Index (MPI)

In addition to formal criteria, we also can analyse your contributions daily according to content criteria - and provide you with your individual key figures via NRX® or report. To work exactly according to your requirements, our analysts, in close consultation with your team will formulate a plan for the analysis activity.

Criteria to be analysed can include:

  • Tonality
  • Key messages
  • Sponsorship
  • Campaigns
  • Reputation analysis
  • Competitor analysis