So, we’re two years old at Truehawk Media, toddling confidently.

But we’ve been in media intelligence since 2002, so we’re really at the heading-off-to-college, kind of grown adult stage now.

And we are grateful.

It’s been an incredible two years in this new business of ours, whilst at the same time we’ve been here before! Our team has racked up 65+ years specifically in media monitoring and analysis in Ireland, much of it working together. In Truehawk, we’ve had the rare opportunity of bringing a considerable breadth of knowledge to produce the most innovative solutions.

Not all professionals get to experience working with a fresh slate and a collective determination for excellence in their organisations or career, so we’re reaching this milestone with huge appreciation for the freedom we’ve had to do things better.

While our media market has gone through big changes, some of the fundamental needs of clients have stayed the same.  We’re combining the robust procedures required for traditional channels like press, tv, radio, with the flexible and ever adapting specialisms for tracking new media such as blogs, forums and online news as well as social. Our expertise benefits all stages of our process from production, client service, technology, measurement, analysis, licencing, reporting … and more.

So, from all the team at Truehawk, thank you to the great clients we are working with. We’re committed to continuing to optimise our services for you.

We’re looking forward to bringing Truehawk further and welcoming more clients in the years ahead.

If you are interested in media monitoring or evaluation, strategy support, and consultation contact Shannon Rushe, Sales & Marketing Director at shannon.rushe@truehawkmedia.ie